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The Heart Of Prajna Paramita Sutra Bangle

The Heart Of Prajna Paramita Sutra Bangle is a must-have piece for anyone into Buddhism!

The Heart Sūtra (Sanskrit Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya or Chinese 心經 Xīnjīng) is a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sanskrit title, Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya, can be translated as "The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom". The Heart Sūtra is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhist scripture.

The "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" is the most common mantra in Tibet, recited by Buddhists, painted or carved on rocks, prayer wheels, or yak skulls and seen around Tibet very commonly. This chant can bring joy and peaceful vibrations.

The Mahayana Heart Sutra (Prajnaparamitahdaya, or Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom) teach us the very nature of true reality. The mantra gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā is often recommended as a daily recitation, as it contains some of the most profound lessons of the Buddha.

  • Hand-crafted
  • Made of quality white copper
  • Unisex: great for both men and women
  • Length: 15-20 cm (Adjustable)